LED Hardware

All VSB displays incorporate our large format, vibrant, full-motion LED video screens.  VSB Displays utilize ImageCell™ modular cabinets to create screen sizes that meet your needs.  The ImageCell™ technology is designed, assembled by hand, and tested here in the USA.

ImageCell™ Modular Cabinets

Video Scoreboard™ LED displays are robust and durable, however if an element becomes damaged, it can be repaired by simply replacing one the smaller modules that comprise the larger 25” x 38” ImageCell™ modular cabinet shown in the images below.   Furthermore, the individual LED modules are magnetically secured to the subframe of the ImageCell™ cabinet and can be easily removed from the front of the display.   Repairs can be made on site and without having to disassemble or dismount the display.  All VSB displays are assembled in the USA.

LED Hardware
LED Hardware 2
LED Hardware 1

ImageCell™ Specifications

–  LED displays are comprised of LED modules built into individual ImageCell™ modular cabinets.  These cabinets can be arranged in many ways to create custom sized displays.

–  Approximate 16:9 aspect ratio for standard models with diagonal measures of 169”, 214”, or 259”.

–  Front serviceable LED modules are magnetically attached to the ImageCell™ modular cabinets using high-strength neodymium magnets to make servicing the display quick and easy.

–  Modules use high quality, surface mounted, common cathode single RGB diode LEDs.

–  P5 Pitch: 5mm distance between LED center points for higher resolution viewing.

–  Mounting frame is constructed for secure mechanical attachment to the wall or other structural element.

–  Video signals are transmitted to the display over Category 5e or better data cable at distances up to 100 meters.

–  220V / 120V 60Hz power with 3.5 Amp draw per cabinet.

–  The display shall have a brightness of 1800 cd/m2 and the LED elements shall have a life expectancy of greater than 100,000 hours of normal use.

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Scalable LED Display sizes

VSB LED Displays can be scaled to the size that best meets the needs of your venue and budget.  Our standard sizes have an approximate 16:9 aspect ratio which is best for viewing the Video Scoreboard™ application and most types of media.  The ImageCell™ modular cabinets can be arranged in a variety of ways to create a number of shapes and sizes.  Our standard sizes are shown below in the matrix.

ImageCell™ Diagram


ImageCell™ Modular Cabinet Matrix for
Standard P5 LED Displays