What Is Video Scoreboard?

In the past, a scoreboard was just a scoreboard, limited by expensive and maintenance intensive technologies with only a single application. Now, with Video Scoreboard™ (VSB), your gym or sports venue has a powerful new multi-media tool with endless capabilities for managing sporting events, classes, assemblies and presentations. However…


Scorekeeping is just the beginning™…
VSB systems incorporate large, state-of-the-art, vibrant, full-motion LED video screens that can do so much more. VSB is also a valuable learning tool that gets more students involved with school events. Video Scoreboard PRO™ systems include a full 4K live production suite, allowing you to have many of the same tools professional sports venues use while doubling as a learning platform in live video production. Live cameras, instant replay, slow motion, referee whistle integrations, shot clocks, statistics and external sports broadcasts are just a few examples of VSB’s long list of options. Take your venue to the next level with Video Scoreboard™. Watch the following video or continue reading below for more information.


Multiple Sport Formats and Full Motion Video

– VSB displays can easily change format for various sporting events, such as basketball, volleyball and wrestling.

– Capable of rendering full motion HD video playback, unlike traditional single purpose scoreboards.

– Can change from scoreboard to video display at the click of a button.

– Show advertisements for local businesses, an interview with the coach, live camera feed, HD video content or graphics.

4Highly Visible Displays
(Better Than a Projector)

– Our LED displays work great in fully lit gyms, auditoriums or other venues. Conversely, projectors require near darkness to avoid looking washed out.

– Increased flexibility with installation locations, while projectors are difficult to position to get good results.

– Engineered to run 24/7 and can go from black to full bright in a fraction of a second, whereas projectors require warm up time and run hot.

– Our displays provide 100,000 hours of typical usage, unlike projectors which consume expensive lamps with much less life.


3Scalable LED Displays

– LED displays are built from standardized modules that can be assembled into a screen to meet your size requirements.

– Common display sizes, as determined by individual module sizes, are 169”, 214”, and 259” measured diagonally.

– Common sizes maintain an approximate aspect ratio of 16:9 to remain compatible with most video formats.

– Custom aspect ratios and screen configurations are available for displays such as the scorers table shown to the left.

– Displays are serviceable from the front by removing magnetically attached individual LED modules from the display.

2Get More Students Involved in School Events

– VSB can be used as a teaching tool in a video production class as a hands on experience for students.

– VSB gets more students involved in school sports with the opportunity for advertising, videography or production.

– Students can graduate with more and exposure to advanced media production, advertising and marketing tools.

6Generate Revenue

– VSB can be used to produce a revenue stream that could eventually pay for the original investment.

– Local community sponsors are often willing to pay to get their message in front of an audience during live events.

– In a school application, students can learn about advertising and assist local businesses put together ads that tie into the VSB format.